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When moving goods on an international basis it is important that you choose a professional safe accredited shipping company ships goods on a regular basis. Most international removal and shipping companies will charge on either weight or volume again they normally base the cost on whatever is the higher volume.

Shipping a few boxes can cost anywhere from £29.00 sending a box from UK to France as long as it it no greater than 50cm x 50cm 50cm and not heavier than 30kg. This type of service would normally take around 3 to 5 days.

Container shipping would normally start at around £3000,000 to £5,000.00 depending on the destination.

Box shipping to most international countries would normally start at about £100.00 for the first box and then go up in multiples depending on box sizes.

Most companies that provide removals to france and other countries such as italy often utilize a road and ferry service, they will be using large trucks that often have a trailer and can carry up to 4400 cubic feet or around 1000 boxes.

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